Hans & Eveline Schindlmaißer
owners Hotel Grafenwirt

As the hosts of our small, charming hotel in Wagrain we want to make sure that our guests have everything they need for that perfect holiday feeling. That starts with us personally taking a warm interest in your well-being. We do this with great dedication, but also with great respect for our guests. We offer real live Austrian hospitality and we look forward to your holiday in the Hotel Grafenwirt!

A HOTEL WITH Tradition

Right up to the middle ages Wagrain had a fortress standing upon „fortress hill“, which still has the same name today and which you can find behind our hotel. The fortress belonged to the Count of Goldegg and served as his hunting lodge. An underground tunnel led from the Grafenwirt to the fortress and was used as a safe connection by the inhabitants of the fortress.

After the destruction of the fortress in 1322 the Grafenwirt changed owner very often but always continued as a local tavern. It was documented for the first time in 1587.

In 1910 Johann Schindlmaißer and his wife Theresia bought the then completely destroyed guesthouse and renovated it. In 1928 the building burnt down to the first floor and had to be rebuilt. After that, the son Johann Schindlmaißer and his wife Josefine ran the guesthouse successfully from 1956 to 1984.

In the same year, the hotel was handed over to the oldest son Johann who has managed it with his wife Eveline ever since then. In 1986 we completely renovated the rooms on the 400 year old ground floor.

We hope that you will feel at home with us and enjoy your holiday here.