Jägersee / TappenkarseeDISTANCE: 11.8 KM

The two-lake hike at the end of the Kleinarl valley is a must for everyone who comes to Wagrain-Kleinarl. It is a family friendly mountain tour in a spectacular setting and takes about 2.5 hours from Jägersee up to the natural paradise of Tappenkarsee. The path is beautiful and winds its way up through the woods and past waterfalls. A visit to the Tappenkarsee Hut is a fair reward for your hard work and at the end of the walk, enjoy a visit to the idyllic Gasthof Jägersee – on hot days you might even have a refreshing dip in the cool water!

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farmer museum EdelweissDISTANCE: 3,4 KM

Families can experience and be amazed at the honest, hard work and the traditional crafts of times gone by. The exhibition in the rustic Farmer Museum at the Edelweiss Alm shows how the locals in bygone years produced their food and worked on the land. On two days a week the traditional production techniques are re-enacted : you can see and experience how bread was baked in a traditional stone oven and how old farming articles and tools were produced.

Hotel Grafenwirt - Bauernhofmuseum
Karl-Heinrich-Waggerl House
Distance: 500 m

Karl Heinrich Waggerl is one of the most important Austrian poets and authors. He composed his literary works here in Wagrain and his home is now a museum. The exhibition in Waggerl-House brings the work of the writer Karl Heinrich Waggerl closer with the use of listening stations and a video film. There are also showrooms to visit and look at and these have been kept in their original state.

Hotel Grafenwirt - Haus Waggerl
Distance: 27,1 km

The impressive Hohenwerfen Fortress has had its place on the steep, 155 metre high rock head overlooking the Salzach Valley for over 900 years. This powerful area of defence was built at the same time as the Salzburg High Fortress and is one of the best-preserved buildings from the late Middle Ages. You will find yourselves back in the time of knights-at-arms. The fortress offers many interesting attractions : a guided tour with the armoury exhibition, the Salzburg falcon show with a flying display and a birds of prey educational trail.

Hotel Grafenwirt - Burg Hohenwerfen
Distance: 31,4 kM

After a breathtaking gondola ride and a short walk you will reach the entrance to the biggest natural ice caves in the world. They will amaze you with their unique and unusual figures, which shimmer at 0°C in different lights. The Giant Ice Caves are a cave labyrinth of over 40 km in total and have been formed over a period of hundreds of years.

Hotel Grafenwirt - Eisriesenwelt
Distance: 41,3 km

In the Golling district of Torren near the beautiful late Gothic pilgrim church of St Nicolaus, is the Golling Waterfall. It is an impressive 75 metres high and falls over two levels. The waterfall is a popular excursion destination and viewing point, and belongs to the most attractive and romantic natural sights of the province.

Hotel Grafenwirt - Gollinger Wasserfälle
Distance: 56,1 kM

In earlier times, salt was referred to as „white gold“: and, in fact, this million year old deposit in Dürrnberg near Hallein does represent the treasure cave of the province of Salzburg. The Celts were already mining salt here 2,500 years ago. This is the oldest visitors‘ salt mine in the world and visitors both young (from 4 years old) and old will partake in a treasure hunt and follow the ancient, secret tunnels many miles into the depths of the mystical mountain.

Hotel Grafenwirt - Salzwelten Hallein
Salzburg City
Distance: 68 kM

The baroque old city is a magical part of Austria’s history and has been honoured as a World Culture City. The fascinating history surrounding Salzburg fills the city with a wealth of tradition and worthy sights. The most beautiful attractions include the High Salzburg Fortress, the Mirabell Gardens, the Residence, Hellbrunn Palace and much more.

Hotel Grafenwirt - Stadt Salzburg
Distance: 72,3 km

In the Salzburg Open Air Museum in Großgmain you will find 100 reconstructed original historic buildings based on farming, trades, rural crafts and local industry. Have a walk through the past and discover the last 600 years of Salzburg’s rural history. Take a fabulous ride on the historical steam train through the natural scenery of the 50 acre museum grounds.

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